Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Blinded by LOVE - Time to open up the history book of my love life.

Some call it love. Some call it fate. And some call it bad luck. I happen to be the guy with the bad luck when it comes to dating. Maybe it's my personality I should blame?! Maybe I was born to be love-frustrated? I'm the type of guy who pours 100% of my heart into every aspect of my life. Whether I'm creating a new cookie recipe for my friends to try, brainstorming some crazy event to impact the lives of others, or taking a chance on love and letting down the protective wall around my heart, I stay true to myself and always give it my all.

I’ll admit that my passion for life is a bit peculiar.  It was pointed out by an ex girlfriend, who we will refer to as The Rebound, that I have little hunger for ........... , but a huge appetite for experiences. I love LOVE!  I love the energy of a new relationship.  The development of the story which you might someday share with your future children.  The butterflies you get in your stomach when you see her name popup on the caller id.  The rush of blood in your body when she kisses you after not seeing you for a few hours.  The softness of her lips when they first touch yours.  The smell of her perfume as she walks next to you.    The hours of pointless conversation where you’re just mesmerized by the sound of her voice. The moments when your eyes meet and everything in the world seems to disappear. The hope that she just might be The One.

Each time, it always seems just right, but it hasn’t worked out to stand the test of time or personal growth.  In order to really understand my frustration with “love” or “bad love luck” (bll), we need to open up the history book of my love life.  

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